The Ultimate Guide to Tomorrowland: What to Expect and How to Prepare

The Ultimate Guide to Tomorrowland

Are you ready to dive into your very first Tomorrowland adventure, feeling a whirlwind of excitement and a touch of apprehension? 

The Ultimate Guide to Tomorrowland

You’re in good company! For newcomers, entering the enchanting realm of Tomorrowland is a thrilling yet daunting prospect. 

But don’t worry, this comprehensive guide is crafted to steer you through the festival effortlessly and help you fully embrace your time there.

The Anticipation of Your First Tomorrowland

Discovering the Magic of Tomorrowland

Envision a realm where melodies drift on the breeze, where individuals from every corner of the earth unite in festivity, where the vibe is contagious, and the memories are everlasting. 

Welcome to Tomorrowland – the illustrious music festival that breaks barriers and crafts indelible experiences.

Navigating the Essentials of Tomorrowland

From securing tickets to essential packing, from orienting yourself within the festival grounds to maintaining safety and wellness, this guide has you covered. 

Join us as we walk you through each phase of your Tomorrowland voyage, sprinkled with expert advice and secrets.

As a Tomorrowland rookie, it’s normal to be flooded with questions. 

How does one acquire tickets? What are the must-haves to bring along? What are the best accommodation options? How can you maximize your Tomorrowland experience? Worry not, we have the answers to all your questions. 

Whether you’re a festival veteran or stepping into this world for the first time, this guide is your treasure trove for all things Tomorrowland.

The Heart of Tomorrowland: More Than Just a Festival

But Tomorrowland is more than just the logistics; it’s a celebration of unity, a tribute to diversity, and a deep dive into the rhythms that stir your soul. 

It’s about forging connections with soon-to-be friends, dancing beneath the stars until the break of dawn, and getting lost in the enchantment of now.

Embracing the Tomorrowland Spirit

As you set off on this remarkable trek to Tomorrowland, remember to carry an open mind, a heart full of joy, and an adventurous spirit. 

Let the music, the dynamism, and the sheer bliss envelop you. 

Welcome the unforeseen, cherish every instant, and forge memories that will resonate well beyond the final note.

Essential Tips for Tomorrowland Newbies

This tips will help you navigate the festival like a pro:


  • When it comes to scoring tickets for Tomorrowland, make sure you buy them from official sources only. Beware of scalpers and fake tickets that can ruin your experience.
  • Keep an eye on ticket release dates and payment plans to ensure you secure your spot at the festival.
  • Consider booking accommodation packages that include festival tickets for added convenience.


  • Booking accommodation early is key to securing a place to stay during Tomorrowland. Options range from camping to luxury hotels, so choose what suits your preference and budget.
  • Look for accommodation close to the festival grounds to minimize travel time and make the most of your festival experience.
  • Consider sharing accommodation with friends to split costs and enhance the festival vibe.

Packing Essentials

  • Pack light but smart. Essentials include comfortable footwear for long hours of dancing, sunscreen, a refillable water bottle, and a compact rain poncho.
  • Don’t forget to bring a portable phone charger to stay connected and take photos throughout the festival.
  • Consider dressing up in fun and colorful outfits to embrace the festival spirit and stand out in the crowd.

Making the Most of Tomorrowland: Insider Secrets

As you gear up for your Tomorrowland adventure, it’s crucial to arm yourself with insider secrets that can elevate your experience and ensure you make the most of every moment. 

Tomorrowland Spirit

Here are some personal anecdotes and relatable stories to guide you through the festival and help you avoid common pitfalls that could dampen your fun:

  1. Arrive Early to Secure a Good Spot: One of the best ways to get the most out of Tomorrowland is by arriving early to claim your spot near the main stages. By staking out a prime location, you’ll have a better view of the incredible performances and be right in the heart of the action.
  2. Embrace the Theme: Tomorrowland is known for its elaborate themes that transport attendees to different worlds. Embracing the theme and dressing up can enhance your experience and make you feel like you’re part of something truly magical. Whether you go all out with a full costume or simply add a few themed accessories, incorporating the theme into your festival attire can add an extra layer of fun to your experience.
  3. Explore Beyond the Main Stages: While the main stages at Tomorrowland are undeniably epic, don’t forget to venture off the beaten path and explore the smaller stages and hidden gems scattered throughout the festival grounds. You never know what amazing talent you might discover or what unforgettable moments you might stumble upon in these less crowded areas.
  4. Pace Yourself: With so much to see, do, and experience at Tomorrowland, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement and overexert yourself. Remember to pace yourself, stay hydrated, and take breaks when needed to avoid burnout and ensure you have the energy to fully enjoy the entire festival.
  5. Connect with Others: One of the most magical aspects of Tomorrowland is the sense of community and camaraderie that permeates the festival grounds. Take the time to connect with fellow attendees, make new friends, and share in the collective joy of the experience. Whether you’re dancing together, swapping stories, or simply sharing a smile, these connections can truly enhance your Tomorrowland journey.
  6. Embrace the Unexpected: Sometimes the most memorable moments at Tomorrowland are the ones you never saw coming. Whether it’s stumbling upon a surprise set by a favorite artist, encountering a breathtaking art installation, or sharing a spontaneous dance party with strangers, be open to the unexpected and let yourself be swept up in the magic of the moment.

Now go forth, dance freely, and immerse yourself in the wonder of Tomorrowland!

Staying Safe and Healthy at Tomorrowland

When it comes to attending a music festival as massive and exhilarating as Tomorrowland, ensuring your safety, health, and well-being should be a top priority. 

While the festival promises an unforgettable experience filled with music, lights, and excitement, it’s essential to take care of yourself to make the most of your time there.

Safety Tips

Here are some essential advices to help you stay safe, hydrated, and energized throughout the festival:

Hydration is Key:

One of the most crucial aspects of staying safe and healthy at Tomorrowland is to stay hydrated. With hours of dancing, walking, and enjoying the festivities, it’s easy to forget to drink enough water. Make sure to carry a refillable water bottle and take frequent breaks to rehydrate. Dehydration can lead to exhaustion, dizziness, and even more severe health issues, so be proactive in keeping yourself hydrated throughout the day.

Pace Yourself:

While it may be tempting to dive headfirst into the excitement and energy of the festival, it’s essential to pace yourself. Remember that Tomorrowland is a marathon, not a sprint. Take breaks when needed, listen to your body, and prioritize rest. Pushing yourself too hard can lead to burnout and diminish your overall experience. Enjoy the festival in a way that feels comfortable and sustainable for you.

Eat Well:

Fueling your body with nutritious food is essential for maintaining energy levels and ensuring you can fully enjoy the festival. While the temptation to indulge in festival foods may be strong, aim to incorporate fruits, vegetables, and other healthy options into your diet. Eating well will not only keep you energized but also support your overall well-being throughout the event.

Watch Your Alcohol Consumption:

Alcohol is often a significant component of festival culture, but it’s crucial to consume it responsibly. Pace yourself, know your limits, and be mindful of mixing alcohol with other substances. Excessive drinking can impair your judgment, increase the risk of accidents, and lead to health complications. Remember that having a good time doesn’t have to involve excess alcohol consumption.

Look Out for Each Other:

One of the best ways to stay safe and healthy at Tomorrowland is to look out for your fellow festival-goers. Create a network of friends, establish meeting points, and check in on each other regularly. If you see someone in distress or needing help, don’t hesitate to assist or seek out festival staff. By fostering a sense of community and support, you contribute to a safer and more enjoyable experience for everyone.

Tomorrowland for Beginners: FAQs Answered

How do I get Tomorrowland tickets?

Pre-registration is required for all Tomorrowland tickets and must be done before December. 

Tickets go on sale in January and sell out extremely quickly, often within minutes. 

Your best chance is to get a Global Journey package which includes accommodations and transportation. 

Alternatively, you can try purchasing resale tickets from third-party sites like Viagogo, but be very cautious of fraud.

What should I pack for Tomorrowland?

Essential items to pack include comfortable shoes/sneakers for extensive walking and dancing, a hydration pack or empty water bottles with caps to refill, a poncho or raincoat, an evening jacket for cooler nights, recovery items like pain relievers, a portable charger, and your country’s flag. 

Don’t forget to print all important documents like tickets and IDs.

What accommodations are recommended for Tomorrowland?

For the full immersive experience, stay at Dreamville – the official Tomorrowland campgrounds located right next to the festival grounds. 

Options range from basic camping to pre-setup tents and even mansions. 

Alternatively, you can stay in nearby cities like Antwerp or Brussels and use the shuttle transportation.

How can I make the most of my Tomorrowland experience?

Study the festival map and schedule in advance to plan which stages and artists you want to see

Don’t just stay at the main stage – explore the diverse offerings across all stages. 

Meet new people from around the world and try the variety of food options available. 

Stay hydrated, wear sunscreen, and use earplugs to protect your hearing.

What items should I avoid bringing to Tomorrowland?

Avoid bringing too much cash or valuables to reduce risk of theft. 

Don’t wear overcomplicated outfits that make it difficult to use bathrooms. 

Test drive your outfits beforehand to ensure they will be comfortable for extensive dancing and sweating. 

Leave precious belongings in the lockers provided at the festival entrance.

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