Our History

The Journey of Clubhead.tv

Clubhead.tv was born out of a shared passion for electronic dance music and a desire to create a hub for EDM enthusiasts around the world. Founded in 2012 by James Anderson and Emma Lewis, two lifelong fans of the genre, Clubhead.tv began as a small blog covering local events and underground DJs in London and Los Angeles.

As the EDM scene exploded globally, so did our ambition. We expanded our team, bringing in talented writers, photographers, and videographers who shared our vision. By 2015, Clubhead.tv was covering major festivals, interviewing top DJs, and gaining recognition as a trusted source for EDM news and culture.

Today, Clubhead.tv stands as a leading platform in the electronic music community. We continue to push boundaries, exploring new sounds, trends, and technologies that shape the future of EDM. Our commitment remains the same: to celebrate the music we love and to connect fans from every corner of the globe.

Join us as we continue to ride the wave of electronic dance music, from its rich history to its exciting future. Welcome to the club!

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